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We are the fastest growing supplier of aluminium flakes for the plastics industries

METAFLAKE is the fastest growing supplier of aluminium flakes for the plastics industries with good reason.

Highest quality, outstanding pricing, flexibility in supplying customer’s needs and unbeatable customer service are just some of the reasons for choosing us.

Our innovative water based approach has allowed Metaflake to pass on significant cost savings to the customer, this, combined with the unique position of being able to offer odour free/solvent free pastes and pellets gives our products a position of unrivalled supremacy.


The PELLEX™ range consists of bright highly polished discs of aluminium powder referred to in the industry as Silver Dollars


Pellex Chrome provides special Silver Dollar pigments with an exceptionally high level of surface smoothness and polish allowing the creation of highly reflective metallic effects in extruded or moulded polymers.  When used in transparent polymers, they allow the formulation of metallic effects that are closer to those achieved with spray application coatings.


For special applications where a solid pellet is not required or a paste is preferred, Metaflake pigments can be supplied in a range of suitable carriers upon request including MO (Food Approved White Medical Oil), DIDP or others.

Metaflake Ltd was established in 1996 with the vision of producing aluminium pigments using an entirely new, revolutionary and environmentally friendly technology.

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