Metaflake suspends trading with Russia

Metaflake suspends trading with Russia – 

Metaflake is deeply shocked by the Russian invasion of Ukraine and is firmly opposed to this atrocious act of aggression. We have taken the decision to suspend all our trading activities with companies in Russia with immediate effect.

Metaflake is a privately owned producer of special effect pigments using unique environmentally respecting processes. Metaflake has been supplying products to the Russian market since 2015 and has seen its business there grow in recent years due to the professional activity of our partner and the wide acceptance of our products. Nonetheless, we believe it is the correct decision to suspend our activities until Russia stops all acts of aggression in Ukraine.

Furthermore, Metaflake donates 10,000 Euro for the victims of the war in Ukraine. The donation aims to provide medicine and other humanitarian support to the Ukraine people.

We expect and hope that the other companies involved in the manufacture of special effect pigments will take a similar approach towards Russia.

Metaflake Statement_Russia April 2022




Metaflake Ltd was established in 1996 with the vision of producing aluminium pigments using an entirely new, revolutionary and environmentally friendly technology.

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