Metaflake – Continual focus on minimizing our environmental impact

At Metaflake we pride ourselves on our revolutionary and environmentally friendly technology to produce aluminium and other effect pigments. We also strive to continually minimise our environmental impact and that of our customers to contribute to a colourful World in a sustainable way.

Some of our significant and more recent efforts towards these goals include:

  • Elimination of VOC emissions through our unique water-based manufacturing processes
  • Avoidance of any residual solvents in our products
  • Installation of 100kW of solar power capacity
  • Installation of solar water heaters and heat pumps for our office and shower blocks
  • Planned installation of a windmill to contribute to reducing carbon footprint
  • Recycling and re-use of drums and kegs where possible
  • Introduction of unique effect pigments derived from natural, sustainable raw materials

Please contact us for more details and to learn how we can help contribute to your company’s sustainability and environmental goals when formulating with effect pigments in coatings, plastics and printing inks.

Metaflake Ltd was established in 1996 with the vision of producing aluminium pigments using an entirely new, revolutionary and environmentally friendly technology.

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