Product Launch – Non Leafing Silver Dollar UV Pigments

Metaflake announces the availability of 2 new products developed for use in UV curable Inks or Coatings.

Meta-Brite UV1000-TDA – (Flexo/Screen inks and Coatings)
Meta-Brite UV 500-TDA – (Flexo/Offset inks)

The market for UV is growing rapidly, mainly in the area of Flexo/Offset/Screen inks but also in some types of Coatings e.g. Wood Coatings. In terms of Aluminium pigment, so far the market is dominated by ready-made finished UV printing inks with a pigment content of 10-12% provided by the major Metallic pigment manufacturers.

By contrast we are offering conventional Aluminium Pigment pastes at 80% pigment content in a UV compatible carrier.

We aim to encourage customers to formulate their own UV Printing Inks with a considerable potential for cost saving.

The second fundamental difference is that Meta-Brite UV products are the only NON-LEAFING Aluminium grades available specifically for UV as far as we are aware. Our competitors UV inks are based on LEAFING grade pigments.

The main advantages of Non-Leafing pigments are:

  • Improved Adhesion/Rub Resistance
  • Much better Polychromatic (coloured) effects possible.

Shelf Stability is the major challenge with UV formulations. The Meta-Brite UV pastes have guaranteed shelf life of 6 months. A carefully formulated UV inks should also be stable for 6 months.

Technical Data Sheets can be downloaded. If you require samples please contact our office or your local Metaflake representative.

Metaflake Ltd was established in 1996 with the vision of producing aluminium pigments using an entirely new, revolutionary and environmentally friendly technology.

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