Product Launch – Non Leafing Silver Dollar UV Pigments

Metaflake announces the availability of 2 new products developed for use in UV curable Inks or Coatings.

Meta-Brite UV1000-TDA - (Flexo/Screen inks and Coatings)
Meta-Brite UV 500-TDA - (Flexo/Offset inks)

The market for UV is growing rapidly, mainly in the area of Flexo/Offset/Screen inks but also in some types of Coatings e.g. Wood Coatings. In terms of Aluminium pigment, so far the market is dominated by ready-made finished UV printing inks with a pigment content of 10-12% provided by the major Metallic pigment manufacturers.

By contrast we are offering conventional Aluminium Pigment pastes at 80% pigment content in a UV compatible carrier.

We aim to encourage customers to formulate their own UV Printing Inks with a considerable potential for cost saving.

The second fundamental difference is that Meta-Brite UV products are the only NON-LEAFING Aluminium grades available specifically for UV as far as we are aware. Our competitors UV inks are based on LEAFING grade pigments.

The main advantages of Non-Leafing pigments are:

  • Improved Adhesion/Rub Resistance
  • Much better Polychromatic (coloured) effects possible.

Shelf Stability is the major challenge with UV formulations. The Meta-Brite UV pastes have guaranteed shelf life of 6 months. A carefully formulated UV inks should also be stable for 6 months.

Technical Data Sheets can be downloaded. If you require samples please contact our office or your local Metaflake representative.