Inks Range

Metaflake has a range of water and solvent based aluminium pastes and pellets specially developed for Gravure and Flexo printing inks.

Aqua-Brite range for Water Based Gravure & Flexo Inks:

GFX Pastes - 100% Water pastes
GFX-CT-A - Coated aluminium pastes with excellent adhesion in dry granule form
GFX-WP Pellets - Water dispersible pellets

Meta-Brite range for Solvent Based Gravure & Flexo Inks:

GFX Pastes - Very bright Silver Dollar grades in solvent paste form

Special note for SCREEN INK customers:
All of the Aqua-Brite and Meta-Brite ranges also find use in Screen inks. Due to the nature of screen printing, coarser pigments may also be used. Please visit our Coatings page to discover a wider range of pigment particle sizes with application possibilities for screen inks.