META-BRITE UV for Offset, Flexo & Screen Inks

UV Series

Metaflake's unique production process produces very fine, bright, Non-Leafing Silver Dollars ideally suited to UV printing inks for offset, flexo or screen processes. Non-Leafing properties provide enhanced adhesion and rub resistance. Formulating clean, stable polychromatic colours (e.g. Pantone series) is made much easier with the use of Non-Leafing pigments.

Product Data Sheet % Aluminium Particle Size (D.50) Carrier
Meta-Brite UV 500-TDA 78 ± 2 6-7µ TriDecylalcohol
Meta-Brite UV 1000-TDA 78 ± 2 11µ TriDecylalcohol
Typical values for illustration purposes only.