AQUA-BRITE for Water Based Gravure & Flexo Inks

GFX Series Pastes

Metaflake's unique and highly innovative production process is ideally suited to the manufacture of high quality Aluminium Pigments for water based printing inks. Metaflake produces only Silver Dollar type pigments of the highest brilliance. Unlike almost all other manufacturers utilizing hydrocarbon solvents as the milling medium, Metaflake uses only water in the production process. Aqua-Brite pigments are naturally compatible and stable in water based systems. For food and tobacco packaging, the absence of hydrocarbon solvents ensures the lowest residual taint & odour in the industry. The Aqua-Brite GFX range is available using only water as the pasting vehicle to obtain lowest possible VOC. Easily dispersible and passivated to minimise gassing tendencies in aqueous coatings.

  • Excellent water compatibility
  • Extremely low residual taint & odour
  • High brilliance
  • Gassing stability
  • High hiding power
  • Zero VOC content
Product Data Sheet % Aluminium % VOC Particle Size (D.50) Carrier
Aqua-Brite GFX1000 60 ± 2 <1 11µ Water
Aqua-Brite GFX1500 60 ± 2 <1 15µ Water
Typical values for illustration purposes only.