META-BRITE Silver Dollar Aluminium Pigments for Solvent Based Coatings

SD Series Pastes

Metaflake's unique and highly innovative production process is ideally suited to the manufacture of high quality Aluminium Pigments to meet the requirements of the Coatings Industry. Metaflake produces only Silver Dollar type pigments of the highest brilliance in a wide range of particle sizes to cover all applications. For solvent based coatings Metaflake offers the Meta-Brite SD range of Aluminium pasted in mineral spirits.

Meta-Brite pigments produce coatings with:

  • Very High Brilliance
  • Narrow particle size distribution
  • Clean, bright polychromatic effects
Product Data Sheet % Aluminium Particle Size (D.50) Carrier
Meta-Brite SD1000 60 ± 2 11µ Mineral Spirit
Meta-Brite SD1500 60 ± 2 15µ Mineral Spirit
Meta-Brite SD2000 60 ± 2 21µ Mineral Spirit
Meta-Brite SD2500 60 ± 2 26µ Mineral Spirit
Meta-Brite SD3214 70 ± 2 38µ Mineral Spirit
Meta-Brite SD5212 70 ± 2 59µ Mineral Spirit
Typical values for illustration purposes only.