META-BRITE Silver Dollar Aluminium Pigments for Solvent Based Coatings

SD-P Series Granules

Meta-Brite SD-P Granule series is a solvent free dry granule version of Meta-Brite SD series for Solvent Based Coatings. The granule can be dissolved in all common solvent types and is categorised as Non-Hazardous Goods for Transport and Storage. This is especially useful for airfreigh and shipping overseas.

Metaflake produces only Silver Dollar type pigments of the highest brilliance in a wide range of particle sizes to meet the needs of the Coatings Industry.

Meta-Brite pigments produce coatings with:

  • Very High Brilliance
  • Very high hiding
  • Narrow particle size distribution
Product Data Sheet % Aluminium Particle Size (D.50) Carrier
Meta-Brite SD1000P 80 ± 2 11µ Aldehyde
Meta-Brite SD1500P 80 ± 2 15µ Aldehyde
Meta-Brite SD2000P 80 ± 2 21µ Aldehyde
Meta-Brite SD2500P 80 ± 2 26µ Aldehyde
Meta-Brite SD3214P 80 ± 2 38µ Aldehyde
Meta-Brite SD5212P 80 ± 2 59µ Aldehyde
Typical values for illustration purposes only.