AQUA-BRITE Silver Dollar Aluminium Pigments for Water Based Coatings

SD Series Pastes

A range of Aluminium pigment pastes specially developed for highly brilliant aqueous coatings. The Aqua-Brite SD range is available using only water as the pasting vehicle to obtain lowest possible VOC. Aqua-Brite pigments are naturally compatible and stable in water based systems, easily dispersible and passivated to minimise gassing tendencies in aqueous coatings. Aqua-Brite pigments are used to formulate coatings with:

  • Excellent water compatibility
  • High Brilliance
  • Gassing stability
  • High hiding power
  • Narrow particle size distribution
  • Zero VOC content
Product Data Sheet % Aluminium % VOC Particle Size (D.50) Carrier
Aqua-Brite SD1000 60 ± 2 <1 11µ Water
Aqua-Brite SD1500 60 ± 2 <1 15µ Water
Aqua-Brite SD2000 60 ± 2 <1 21µ Water
Aqua-Brite SD2500 60 ± 2 <1 26µ Water
Aqua-Brite SD3214 70 ± 2 <1 38µ Water
Aqua-Brite SD5212 70 ± 2 <1 59µ Water
Typical values for illustration purposes only.