AQUA-BRITE Silver Dollar Aluminium Pigments for Water Based Coatings

SD-CTA Series Granules

The Aqua-Brite SD-CTA series is a VOC free version of the Aqua-Brite SD-CT range in a dry granule form and is categorised as a Non Hazardous good for shipping and storage.

The Aqua-Brite SD-CTA range incorporates an inert chemical coating bonded to the surface of each Aluminium particle. This process provides optimum stability in more demanding water based applications and aggressive binder systems. Chemical resistance and intercoat adhesion properties are also enhanced.

  • NON Dangerous Goods for Transport
  • Low VOC
  • High Brilliance
  • Gassing stable
  • Excellent abrasion/adhesion properties
Product Data Sheet % Aluminium % VOC Particle Size (D.50) Carrier
Aqua-Brite SD1000CTA * 80 <1 11µ Wetting agent
Aqua-Brite SD1100CTA 80 <1 11µ Wetting agent
Aqua-Brite SD1500CTA * 80 <1 15µ Wetting agent
Aqua-Brite SD1600CTA 80 <1 16µ Wetting agent
Aqua-Brite SD2200CTA 80 <1 22µ Wetting agent
Aqua-Brite SD2700CTA 80 <1 27µ Wetting agent
Aqua-Brite SD3214CTA 80 <1 36µ Wetting agent
Aqua-Brite SD5212CTA 80 <1 50µ Wetting agent
Typical values for illustration purposes only.

* SD1000 & SD1500 pigments are classified as Ultra-Thin Silver Dollars. These grades provide an exceptional hiding power with a smooth, satin effect.