About Us

Metaflake Ltd was established in 1996 with the vision of producing aluminium pigments using an entirely new, revolutionary and environmentally friendly technology. The traditional process for aluminium pigment production involves ball milling with large quantities of hydrocarbon solvents and has hardly changed in nearly 100 years. Metaflake rejected this wasteful approach as being too energy and capital intensive while developing their own innovative alternative.

The Metaflake process uses proprietary engineering and replaces solvent with water as the milling medium. In addition to the obvious environmental benefit, the resulting pigments are all highly brilliant, Silver Dollar type grades with unique properties not obtainable using the conventional approach.

With its own in-house expertise, Metaflake has developed a range of pigments in both paste and pelletised form highly suited to meet the requirements of the coatings, inks and plastics industries. The many benefits of Metaflake's unique technology have been widely recognised, encouraging investment to meet a rapidly growing demand.

Today, from its premises in Scotland, Metaflake is successfully exporting to all corners of the globe and has many satisfied customers including some of the largest names in the coatings, ink and plastics masterbatch sectors.